5" Rojas Cane Stick in Green Pumpkin
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The Cane Stick features the same innovative hook pocket design and grooves as the Fighting Frog. The grooves catch water and make the bait shimmy when falling. It is heavier than our Trick Stick for better casting into the wind. Both ends are the same size, so the bait can be fished from either end which makes it last much longer after multiple fish catches. Dean Rojas helped design this bait and tested prototypes with great success in Elite Series tournaments. The Cane Stick is great on a Texas rig, but can also be fished wacky style using the center egg sack. It is available in 4.5" and 5.5" sizes in 13 of our best selling colors.

  • Item #: CANE5-01

5" Rojas Cane Stick in Green Pumpkin

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