3" Real Deal Shad in Green Gizzard Shad
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The Real Deal Shad is our newest design that can be used for a number of techniques. It features a realistic size and profile combined with a unique new tail design. This new tail design is very different than traditional boot or paddle tail style minnow shapes. The Real Deal Shad has a natural swimming action where the tails kick in an alternating fashion when retrived. It was designed to be rigged in a vertical presentation on a jighead or a weighted hook. The swimming action along with the realistic profile and hand painted colors make it look like the real deal. Our three professional anglers have all tested it with great results. The Real Deal can be used with a jighead, a weighted hook, A-rig, or nose hooked for drop sht rigs. Available in 8 colors to match baitfish anywhere.

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3" Real Deal Shad in Green Gizzard Shad

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